Frontier Availability Map

Frontier Availability Map. Click for interactive map

Frontier started offering Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet services in rural and suburban U.S. markets in 2008. In 2014, Frontier acquired additional network coverage from Verizon, including fiber network areas. Frontier now markets its fiber services as Frontier Fiber. Frontier offers the most fiber coverage in Alabama, Arizona, and California.

As a DSL provider, one of Frontier’s strengths is its widespread rural availability, since rural households usually have access to the twisted copper phone lines needed for DSL connections. Frontier DSL services are particularly widespread in Alabama, Arizona, and California.

Frontier Internet Plans and Pricing

Best Features: Things to Consider:
  • No equipment fee
  • Contract-free plans
  • Unlimited data on all plans
  • Limited bundle options
  • Plans vary by location — fiber not available everywhere

With no equipment fees, no contracts, and unlimited data on all Frontier plans, it really comes down to speed. Frontier offers multiple speeds with the Frontier Fiber plans, while offerings change per region for Frontier Internet.

* One-time charges apply. Subject to availability. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other restrictions, Frontier policies, and service terms apply.
Plan Starting Price * Connection Type Data Cap
Frontier Internet $49.99 per month (with Auto Pay and Paperless Bill) DSL Unlimited
Frontier Fiber Internet $49.99 per month (with Auto Pay and Paperless Bill) Fiber Unlimited

Frontier offers a simple pricing structure. Frontier Fiber Internet begins at $49.99 per month (with Auto Pay and Paperless Bill), while Frontier Internet starts at $49.99 per month (with Auto Pay and Paperless Bill). Visit our Frontier Deals page to learn about this month’s promotions and which plans offer the best value.

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Frontier Internet Speeds

Frontier networks consist of its standard DSL network and its newer fiber-optic network. The main difference is that DSL runs significantly slower than fiber. However, Frontier has been building out more fiber backbone in recent years and boosting the overall speed and bandwidth of DSL connections. We recommend checking out how Frontier stacks up against AT&T to see just how competitive it is.

Frontier Security

As a bonus, Frontier also offers a suite of security tools to go alongside its internet service, known as Frontier Secure HomeShield Elite. With this service, you can get Multi-Device Security, password manager, and identity protection. For only $6 per month, this bundle package from Frontier is a great addition to any internet plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frontier Internet

  • Where is Frontier available?

    Frontier provides DSL internet service to 25 different states, and Frontier Fiber continues to expand across the U.S. Alabama, Arizona, and California have some of the most DSL coverage.

  • Does Frontier require contracts?

    Frontier won’t force you to sign a contract to receive service. However, to partake of any special pricing or other promotions, you may have to consent to a minimum one-year service agreement.

  • Does Frontier impose early termination fees?

    Frontier imposes early termination fees (ETF) if you need to leave your contract early. In fact, Frontier charges up to $400 for an ETF, making it one of the most expensive among its competitors. Before signing a contract with Frontier, make sure you’re aware of the fine print, including penalties for leaving early and other hidden fees.

  • How do I contact Frontier customer service?

    You can talk to Frontier customer service by calling directly, using online chat, or browsing the support issue resource center on the main website.

  • What kind of internet connections does Frontier offer?

    Frontier offers both fiber and DSL internet services. Which connection type from Frontier is available will depend on where you live.